Anatomy of cPLTL

Each online meeting room for cPLTL is divided into four main windows, called "pods" in Adobe Connect.

  1. The Attendee List Pod displays the names of all users in the room at any time. This allows the peer leader to view who enters and exits the room throughout the session.
  2. The Audio/Video Pod permits the peer leader and students to see and hear each other during the online sessions.
  3. The Chat Pod is used for providing links or instructions for activities. It can also be used as an alternative method of communication in the event of a technical issue with the headsets, microphones, or web cameras.
  4. The Presentation Share Pod is the primary workspace for both the peer leaders and the students. This space allows each student/ peer leader to share his or her own screen while observing the work of every other student in the group. This provides a collaborative environment in which students may complete their work.

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